“比较正规的买球软件”奇虎360袭击搜索市场 百度弱点凸显

2023-01-21 21:42:02
本文摘要:Baidu isnt quite Chinas Google. 百度(Baidu)还无法说道是中国的谷歌(Google)。

Baidu isnt quite Chinas Google. 百度(Baidu)还无法说道是中国的谷歌(Google)。Chinas Internet giant has managed to replicate Googles dominance of Internet search, with 85% of the market by traffic in the first quarter, according to web analysis firm iResearch. But with rivals vying for control of the gateway to search in web browsers and smartphones, that dominance cant be taken for granted. 这家中国互联网巨头拷贝了谷歌在互联网搜寻市场的主导地位。据网络分析公司艾瑞咨询(iResearch)的数据,按流量计算出来,一季度百度在搜寻市场占据85%的份额。

不过,在竞争对手们争相争夺战网络浏览器和智能手机搜寻通路的控制权的情况下,百度的主导地位并非高枕无忧。The clear and present danger comes from online upstart Qihoo 360 Technology QIHU +4.33% . Earlier this month, Qihoo launched its own search function and made it the default option on its popular browser. The most obvious loser is Google, which until now was Qihoos default search provider. But Baidu also stands to lose market share. 一个显而易见也是迫在眉睫的危险性来自网络后起之秀奇虎360科技有限公司(Qihoo 360 Technology)。上个月,奇虎360发售了自己的搜寻服务,并将之设置为其颇受欢迎的浏览器上的配置文件搜寻选项。

在奇虎360的这番行径中,最显著的输家是谷歌,在此之前,谷歌仍然是奇虎360的配置文件搜索引擎。不过,百度也有可能丧失部分市场份额。With more than a decade of experience in search, Baidu has quality on its side. In 2011, it outspent Qihoo on research and development by more than three to one. Its difficult to believe that the new kid on the block will be able to compete on performance. 百度在互联网搜寻领域享有10余年的经验,质量是它的优势。

2011年,百度的研发开支比奇虎360高达两倍有余。很难坚信搜寻领域的“毛头小子”需要在搜寻性能上与百度互为抗衡。But with more than 20% of Chinas browser market, Qihoo has a powerful distribution network. That doesnt guarantee success. Tencent Holdings TCEHY +0.53% hundreds of millions of instant messenger users havent translated into market share for its search function. But assuming at least some users are too lazy to change the default, Qihoo should gain some search-market traction. 不过,凭借其在中国浏览器市场逾20%的份额,奇虎360享有强劲的分销网络。


但这并无法确保奇虎360能在搜寻市场取得成功。腾讯控股有限公司(Tencent Holdings)享有数亿即时通讯用户,但这并没使其搜寻服务所占到市场份额大幅度扩展。不过,假如一些用户懒得转变默认设置,奇虎360应当需要在搜寻市场夺回一定的份额。

Investors arent taking any chances. Baidus stock price has fallen 16% from its mid-August high. Qihoos stock is up nearly the same amount over the same period. That seems like an overreaction to the immediate threat. But even if Baidu manages to see off Qihoo, the sneak attack is a reminder that dominance cant be taken for granted. 但投资者则非常慎重。百度股价较8月中旬的高点跌到了16%,同期奇虎360股价则下跌了完全某种程度的幅度。这看起来是对立即的威胁反应过度了。不过,就算百度需要打败奇虎360,奇虎360的夜袭也警告人们主导地位并不是天经地义的。

Google has spent big on developing its own Chrome browser - now the most used in the world, according to web analytics company StatCounter - and Android mobile operating system. That has been expensive. But that means that it controls the routes into search from computer and smartphone. Google+ hasnt enjoyed the same success but shows it is responding to the threat from social search as well. 谷歌仍然在斥巨资研发自己的Chrome浏览器和安卓(Android)移动操作系统。据网络分析公司StatCounter的数据,Chrome目前是全球用于最少的浏览器。谷歌的这类研发花费高昂,但这也意味著谷歌能对电脑和智能手机搜寻的通路享有控制权。谷歌社交网站Google+则没这么顺利,但也表明出有正在对来自社交搜寻的威胁作出反应。

Baidu, by contrast, has been relatively timid in expanding beyond the core search business. Its PC browser has attracted relatively few users. Its social offering got the cold shoulder from Chinas Internet users. Market share in mobile search is below that for PCs, though Baidu is moving aggressively to turn that around. 与此相反,百度对其核心搜寻业务之外领域的醉心仍然比较谨小慎微。百度个人电脑浏览器更有的用户数量相对而言微乎其微,其社交网站则受到中国互联网用户的冷遇。

百度在移动搜寻市场的份额高于在个人电脑搜寻市场的份额,不过百度正在大力挽回这一局面。Qihoos smash-and-grab raid might not have a lasting effect, but it shows Baidu is vulnerable to those who control the pathways to search. 奇虎360的攻击有可能会产生长久的效果,但这却表明出有在那些掌控着搜寻通路的公司面前,百度也是有弱点的。